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partnership with IRRI

Partnerships manages IRRI's relations with the countries and the MOUs involved and advises IRRI management and staff on developments in national programs and policies in countries where IRRI maintains or wishes to establish research collaboration. It also provides support to the DG and DDGR in country visits and events and is the focal point for the Council for Partnerships on Rice Research in Asia (CORRA) and all program-related research and extension activities in the Philippines.

In addition, Partnerships oversees all IRRI activities that have to do with community and host country relations and employee relations.

partnership with IRRI

Main mission of the Partnerships Office

Establish, strengthen and maintain relationships with external institutions to generate support and funding for IRRI’s research agenda:

Partnership Development and Management

  1. Develop and implement coherent and relevant regional and country strategies for rice R&D as basis for IRRI’s partnership activities;
  2. Lead and support NARES partners in the planning and conducting relevant and timely work plan meetings, rice research dialogues and other fora for assessing, setting and matching their rice R&D priorities with IRRI’s interests and programs including project proposal development that will emanate from these events;
  3. Serve as focal point and main source of important and strategic information, documents, and data bases needed to pro-actively manage and facilitate IRRI’s partnership activities with various NARES and other important stakeholders. Work with concerned units in developing framework and Institutional agreements such as Host Country Agreements (HCA), MOUs/MOAs, NARES Directory, Facts about Collaboration, Country protocols, Work plans, and specific Country strategies;
  4. Explore opportunities to expand regional and local collaborative networks and resource mobilization to support in-country rice R&D programs including required local and regional capacity building initiatives through country visits, monitoring and evaluation; and
  5. Serve as CORRA Secretariat.

Host Country Relations Management

  1. Serve as main focal point for IRRI’s collaborative programs with the Philippine Institutions including coordination of all technical and programmatic assistance, community relations and other partnership activities with all concerned NARES stakeholders (LGUs, NGOs, SUCs, CSOs, Private sectors, etc); and
  2. Develop and maintain cordial working relationships with Philippine institutions including government bureaucracy (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), Philippine-based donor communities (embassies, donor agencies, etc), civil societies and private sectors.

signing partnership with IRRI

For more information, contact:

V. Bruce J. Tolentino

Deputy Director General for Communication and Partnerships

Partnerships office