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Seed Health Unit

IRRI established its Seed Health Unit (SHU) in December 1982 under a memorandum of agreement between IRRI and the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI). SHU is authorized to conduct major rice seed health testing for phytosanitary certification and post-entry clearance. Rice seeds for export and import are certified under the supervision of a plant quarantine officer. Specific import permits are required to import vegetative parts of rice and other crops.

SHU is a single gateway for all incoming and outgoing rice seeds, rice grains, non-seed biological materials (NSBMs), soil samples, and materials other than rice coming in and going out of IRRI.

  • For exported materials – the unit ensures compliance with plant quarantine regulations and seed health standards of the importing country
  • For imported materials – SHU ensures compliance with Philippine plant quarantine regulations and seed health standards
  • Compliance with intellectual property right protocols (i.e., conditions stipulated in the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture)

Seed Health Unit

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For more information, contact:

Patria Gonzales

Head, Seed Health Unit