Limited Exclusivity Agreements and Restricted Use Agreements

More rice research collaboration between IRRI and Syngenta

In 2016, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and Syngenta signed a cooperation agreement for the third phase of the Scientific Know-how Exchange Program or SKEP III. This research and development cooperation agreement builds on SKEP II, expanding it to new areas of research that will include more marker development for rice breeding, crop health management research, as well as rice reproductive biology, plant architecture, and yield genes. SKEP III will be funded by Syngenta.

Joint cooperation agreement between IRRI and Syngenta and Bayer

Also in 2016, IRRI has signed a joint cooperation agreement (JCA) for research on false smut with Bayer and Syngenta. Under the agreement will be developed efficient and reproducible methods for inoculation of rice plants, and quantification of levels of resistance in various rice germplasm.