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RT14 1Unleashing rice market t

Unleashing the rice market

The global rice market is driven by factors that may radically change how rice is traded in the future

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Regional cooperation speeds up the release of rice varieties

Rice farmers in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal will have faster access to newly developed high-yielding climate-smart varieties

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What Latin America’s rice sector offers the world

“Latin America has enormous land resources and abundant water, and its rice production is technically advanced

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Averting hunger in ebola-hit countries

The Ebola epidemic had caused a significant shock to the food and agricultural sectors in the affected countries

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What kind of rice do consumers want?

An assessment of preferences of urban consumers in India and Bangladesh

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rice and policies

Rice in the shadow of skyscrapers: Policy choices in East and Southeast Asia

During the past few decades, Asia has experienced a period of rapid economic growth that benefited many farmers and consumers.

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What are the sustainability implications of closing rice yield gaps?

With increasing human population and decreasing agricultural land area, there is worldwide pressure to increase food production in remaining agricultural land.

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Indian farmer kick-starts two green revolutions

NEKKANTI SUBBA RAO helped kickstart both the first and second Green Revolutions in India by promoting and distributing IR8 in 1967 and Swarna- Sub1 in 2009.

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Nuggets of planetary truth 

A poem that paints a vivid warning to preserve our natural resources and planet

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