A rice farmer’s life

In celebration of IR8's 50th year, IRRI has called on photographers to submit their own interpretation and depiction of a rice farmer's life.

All submissions are under the Creative Commons license. Submissions are owned by the photographer and he/she has given IRRI permission to publish his/her photo at the IRRI website and on any other medium for the duration of the contest

The names, locations, or any identifying elements of the entrants were not shown during the blind judging process.The panel of judges is composed of selected IRRI staff members and external reviewers from the advertising and photography industries.


a thirsty rice farmer by numai chandra ghosh

1st | Nimai Chandra Ghosh

A thirsty rice farmer in the field quenches his thirst with water brought by his son.

Drying is an art and skill

2nd | Rama Venkatraman

Drying is an art and a skill: Parboiling, a task largely done by women in parts of Africa, involves partially boiling rice in the husk and drying it well before it is milled.

preparing seedlings by md hafizul islam

3rd | Md Hafizul Islam

Preparing seedlings

Photo Entries

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  • Nourishing-africas-future
  • Drying-is-an-art-and-skill
  • dancer-by-nimai-chandra-ghosh
  • drying-paddy-food-grain-by-nimai-chandra-ghosh
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  • drying-paddy-by-nimai-chandra-ghosh
  • a-rice-farmers-life-by-elmer-nev-valenzuela-2
  • a-group-of-rice-farmers-children-by-nimai-chandra-ghosh
  • my-mother-is-my-best-teacher-by-nimai-chandra-ghosh