Annual Report of the Director General, 2004-05

Annual Report of the Director General, 2004-05

As we have pointed out to audiences on every continent during the International Year of Rice just concluded, IRRI has a major role to play in achieving many of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (—especially goal #1—the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger. Rice is so central to the lives of most Asians that any solution to global poverty and hunger must include research that helps poor Asian farmers reduce their risks and earn a decent profi t while growing rice that is still affordable to poor consumers.

To meet this challenge, IRRI’s research and related activities are grouped into 12 projects under four programs, covering genetic resources, enhancing rice productivity and sustainability in favorable environments, improving productivity and livelihood for fragile environments, and strengthening linkages between research and development. The work is guided by and implemented through two research consortia—one for irrigated areas and the other for the less favorable environments—consisting of scientists from IRRI and national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES). Much was accomplished in 2004.


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